Splash Screens – useful or not needed? – Part 1


Introduction What is a Splash Screen? Splash screens are a very controversial topic and have been so for a very...

“Davos for Geeks” – The Sequel


Technology & Trends Wrapping up, the 2016’s edition of Web Summit featured some of the hottest topics around the tech...

“Davos for Geeks” – Last days


Day 3 What is wrong with you?! Day 3 was similar to the previous day, but a very particular event...

“Davos for Geeks” – The first two days


Web Summit 2016 Event Venue (space) In Lisbon, the Web Summit will enjoy a huge conference venue capable of holding...

“Davos For Geeks” – The Prequel


Web Summit Introduction The Web Summit is a technology conference, which has been held since 2009. Back then, the event...

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