Simdea’s Role in Managing Change


The challenges originated from the current changes that characterize the present society, the risk, and the uncertainty or diversity, represent...

Simdea #BeSimpleStaySafe


Hello everyone! As this lonely and silent war against Covid-19 rages on, we all must strive to continue our best...



Hello everyone! At Simdea we, as well as the rest of the world, have been enveloped in this battle that...

Splash Screens – useful or not needed? – Part 2


Current Uses & Problems When it comes to Splash screens, the crossfire is real. Do we uphold the proper guidelines...

Splash Screens – useful or not needed? – Part 1


Introduction What is a Splash Screen? Splash screens are a very controversial topic and have been so for a very...

“Davos for Geeks” – The Sequel


Technology & Trends Wrapping up, the 2016’s edition of Web Summit featured some of the hottest topics around the tech...

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