Simdea’s Role in Managing Change

The challenges originated from the current changes that characterize the present society, the risk, and the uncertainty or diversity, represent one of the most central questions of today. The emergence of a highly competitive context has been demanding organizations to relearn how to deal with the conditions their surrounding environment ensues so that they can become able to introduce changes in their structures and functioning processes. In order to join these changes, organizations tend to become more agile, flexible, and open.

As such, managing these changes, which loosely translates into the capability of being organized and successfully adapt to change that occurs in the surrounding environment, steps up to become a critical process for the success of any company or corporate business.

Looking at the current state of affairs worldwide, mainly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, several companies were already forced to adjust to their surrounding environments, managing the changes determined by this new reality.

In this context, Simdea offers some solutions that can facilitate the adaptation process for your company in this new state of affairs we live in.

In general terms, stakeholder communication has been, more than ever, crucial to ensure the development of a trustworthy and credible relationship between the different business actors, whether them being providers, clients, or even competitors. To cover this crucial aspect of a business, you can invest in the creation of a website and/or a mobile application whose main characteristic is organization and functionality that enables information to always be up to date. Rest assured, you don’t have to do everything by yourself, sometimes asking for help is the simplest solution to a problem. At Simdea, we can create your website and/or your mobile application so it can exhibit all of these traits and also be appealing to your target audience.

This close and effective communication becomes more important than ever before, considering the constraints in which we live in today. In fact, all companies and corporations around the globe have been forced to adapt the way they work in order to comply with the contingency rules that have been issued. As such, an exponential increase in remote work practices can be observed.

Because of social distancing rules, all companies face the necessity of adopting remote work practices, building new communication channels with clients (fully virtual), and guaranteeing that the services they provide can continue at a steady pace with the same level of security and transparency.

This new reality, based in remote work practices, presents itself as an opportunity for the acceleration of digital transformation processes for companies that had yet to implement them. It is true that the COVID-19 pandemic brought a great disturbance to our daily lives, but it also brought a set of opportunities in areas such as the digitalization of services and communication.

This digital transformation brings about several advantages, but namely, a greater streamlining for process management as it allows for all information to be aligned and referenced within the same system. Associated with this capability from new technologies that allow for agile completion of work that would usually take days to be complete, we can also perceive an increase in productivity since employees have now more time to fully dedicate themselves to other internal processes, which in turn generates more value for the company. It is also important to note that digital transformation also contributes to an improvement in teamwork because through digital tools, it becomes easier to make decisions, assembly teams, and assign tasks. Lastly, it is also worth noting that in an era where Big Data and Data Analytics are a hot topic, digital transformation can facilitate large information volume management as well as diminish information loss since it prevents physical archive losses and the manipulation of information, by allowing for data backups.

Simdea believes it is a fundamental point to develop an effective communication strategy, accompanied by digital transformation so that companies and corporate businesses can face our current context and have the ability to execute correct change management and take full advantage of all of the opportunities that have been emerging.

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