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Hello everyone!

As this lonely and silent war against Covid-19 rages on, we all must strive to continue our best efforts to prevent further infection cases to occur. For that reason, at Simdea we are doing our part, staying at home and doing all of our work remotely, to the best of our ability.

We know that everyone is suffering…

  • … from fatigue (of being locked up at home)
  • … yearning to just hanging around friends and family
  • … not performing the daily routines that make our lives our own
  • … with the news, we hear about the infection cases rising each day
  • … with the number of deceased people that keeps on pilling up

In the last couple of months, everyone has lost something precious. Everyone has lost jobs, dreams, and friends. But when this is all over, we can have new jobs and make new dreams.

As for the death that surrounds us at this time…

Let’s ask ourselves, when does a person die?
Is it when they are shot with a gun? No!
Is it when they get infected by an incurable disease? No!
A person dies when people forget him/her…

At this time, we should all remember to make the most and enjoy the time we have with the people closest to us. And, for sure, the people that we cannot meet right now, will be glad to see us again when the time comes!

As for the people and friends that we’ve lost (and the dreams that faded), never forget them.

Let us persevere, for this storm shall pass and the world will be ours again.

#BeSimpleStaySafe #Covid-19 #NeverForgetThem

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