Here starts the path to Simple Ideas.

So welcome!

We have created this weblog with the intention to acquire and share the knowledge our team has and will develop in the future.

Please expect to read about mobile application and web solution development, design (UI & UX), quality assurance, system maintenance, research, marketing and business topics, in the form of tutorials, opinion articles and the occasional review article.

As we aim to provide the best mobile and web solutions that feel easy and simple, we will try our best to write about our motivations and why we consider and make our choices along the way.

We sincerely hope the articles that you can read here will be insightful and specially useful. Please be assured that we will take the time to deliver the best possible articles for you and we promise you that we will put all our efforts to keep it up to date. We encourage you to interact with us, either by sending an email to the author or via the comment section. Your opinion is very important to us!

Enjoy and thank you!

Paulo Ribeiro

Hardworking and passionate individual keen on learning and clearing any challenges coming his way.
Working in such a fast paced industry as Application Development, Paulo always aims to try and learn new technologies and new ways to perform his work, either through optimization or efficient process management. He is always open to embrace projects as long as they represent a brand new challenge and learning experience for him.

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